Why ask WHY?

To be customer-focused, you need to ask your customers, WHY?  Voice of the Customer (VoC) research helps you know why your customers value your offering. Why they need what they need, why they purchase. Why they purchase from you, not your competition. Why they stay with you. Or why they’d leave if they could. Why they tell others about you. Or why they don’t. The answers to WHY lets you know where you stand with customers; helps you know what to promise, what to deliver to strengthen your relationships; gives you the nuance you need to differentiate your product/service in the marketplace. With WHY you increase the likelihood customers will buy what you have to sell—again and again.

Asking top priority customers WHY in in-depth, one-on-one Voice of the Customer interviews using a 3rd party like Religence brings more nuance, meaning, and intelligence to WHAT you are selling, WHO you are selling it to, and HOW you deliver what you sell. Voice of the Customer research augments traditional research in product/service development, market assessment, process improvement, customer satisfaction, and customer feedback tracking to make it more actionable, powerful, and relevant. Through our Operational Customer Relationship Intelligence (CRI) System, Voice of the Customer feedback is linked to strategy execution, value creation, and operational results.


When you ask WHY, be prepared to ACT. Only ask customers WHY if you’re going to listen to them or do something with what they may suggest. If you don’t act, it is worse than not asking in the first place—you’ve wasted customers’ time and set expectations.

That is why it is important to ask WHY of the customers you’d like to have more of—the ones who contribute most to profit now or those you think will do so in the future or are otherwise customers you’d like more of. Find out what appeals to them and works for them or doesn’t. Fix what doesn’t. Use what they tell you, to tell others why they are happy with you.

Like attracts like. If you’re losing top priority customers or they are unhappy with you, find out WHY. (For more see our blog post Tips for listening to the Voice of the Customer)


Customer Experience Wisdom: People appreciate being asked WHY. It shows you care. It’s what a relationship with your customers ought to be about.

Question: Do you have some top priority customers that you’d like to show you care, that you value their business and their opinion? If so,

Be In Touch.