Value customer relationships. Drive profit.

Can you quantify your relationships? Track relationship status? Can you measure relationship cause-and-effect? Can you manage to relationship patterns? Do you know what it costs you to engage your customers? Do you pay attention to the Customer Experience? Our breakthrough Relationship Age processes and analytics give you five ways to put a value on your relationships.

#1 The MONEY is in retention. Focus there and make better use of your resources. Attract and acquire customers you’d want to keep. Know the relationship status of those customers in real time. Our new Relationship Value (RV) metric is a game-changer.

#2 Customers are not all equal. Profitable customers behave differently. They buy value. They want a relationship. You can see it in the relationship patterns. RV is a leading indicator for profit. With RV you can develop and retain the right relationships to optimize value creation—for mutual success.

#3 In the Relationship Age, you cannot afford to bury cost to engage in fixed expenses. CRI (Customer Relationship Intelligence) appends, not only RV, but variable Interaction Cost to each Interaction so you can enhance profit by enhancing retention relationship development and recognizing its costs.

#4 Multiple buyer relationships are in play and at risk, in high-value B2B. Losing even one key customer relationship is a hard-to-manage riskafter the fact. With our leading indicator, RV, you can measure and share relationship depth and risk in real time up and down the line in your organization.

#5 While Social Media has extended relationship reach, it has disrupted control. With CRI you can take operational control from the Stakeholder Community back into and up your organization. The same Relationship Age metrics apply—Relationship Value and variable Interaction Cost.

The Relationship Value metric is elegant.

With Relationship Value, frontline staff and their managers can monitor many Interactions as they occur to gain insight into more effectively developing individual relationships and analyze overall progress with a customer or prospect. Relationship Value:

  • Measures whether an Interaction moves the relationship forward or backward, and
  • Expresses the cumulative effect of a series of Interactions in developing or destroying a relationship, essentially becoming a numeric proxy for the underlying interactions. Relationship Value measures cause-and-effect. With numbers, there are patterns, enabling a strategic overview. Good patterns can be replicated. Destructive patterns can be avoided.


Relationships drive business. You develop relationships Interaction after Interaction.

Interactions alone only measure “cause.”

Our breakthrough metric, Relationship Value, applied to Interactions along with the variable Interaction Cost, measures both “cause” and “effect.” And at what cost.

With numbers, there are patterns, enabling a strategic overview.

RV creates leading indicator relationship patterns.


Customer Experience Wisdom: To compete on relationships, measure Relationship Value. Gain sustainable competitive advantage,” Religence

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