CX Performance Management: The Workshop Series

The Relationship Age demands collaboration, along with cross-functional processes and analytics. Get jump-started with our CX Performance Management Workshop Series. Bring a problem. Take away a solution.

Customer Experience – the next corporate battle ground. Executives are getting serious. Customer Experience technologies are one of four top priorities for technology-enabled capability priorities over the next five years according to a 2014 Gartner CEO survey. It’s time. An overarching data point, according to Forrester, is that 81% of firms have immature CX programs. And a Forrester global survey of 6,000 business and technology leaders shows that improving the Customer Experience is the top business priority for more than 75% of them.

Winning takes more than new systems. Winning takes Customer Relationship Intelligence. Relationships become a competitive advantage when you know how they were developed. What is a relationship worth? What is a relationship costing? How should you act on your relationship intelligence to gain added profit?

Competitive advantage delivered. Our Customer Experience Performance Management Workshop Series plays a critical role in helping clients become more customer-focused. We help cross-functional business leaders and their teams–particularly in customer-facing organizations– understand and implement a game changing methodology that helps them gain critical relationship knowledge and translate that into competitive advantage, growth and profit.

Workshop Series: Bring a problem. Take away a solution.

  1. Customer Success Alignment, one-day workshop: Quantify your Customer Success Score. Collaborate with your team on what is practical to do to improve it to deliver more value to your customer and your company.
  2. Customer Experience (CX) Mapping, three-day workshop: Map and quantify 3 to 5 Critical Interaction Processes. Collaborate with your team to take both the company AND the customer perspective. Take current practices to another operational level.
  3. Customer Experience (CX) Tracking, one-day workshop: Collaborate with your team on a set of Interactions scenarios for typical high-profit customers compared to all other customers. The scenarios are first step in quantifying relationships for real-time operational control and for sustainable competitive advantage.

Invite us in for one or more workshops. We will collaborate with you to determine the best place to start to meet your needs. We take an action learning approach and put your teams to work to create useful takeaways. To learn more about the CX Performance Management Workshop Series, Be In Touch.


Customer Experience Wisdom: Relationships drive business–Interactions develop relationships, Interaction after Interaction. Quantify Interactions that matter to quantify relationships.

Question: Are your teams as prepared as they need to be to compete in the Relationship Age?

Can you quantify relationships and tie them to profit?

Have you formalized CX Performance Management?

Or are you flying blind?

Need a jumpstart? Then,

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