Customer Relationship Value game changer…our real-time CRV Score!

Picture yourself going into a critical meeting with key customer executives. You do a quick check of your mobile device. You check all the relationships and the important opportunities on the table. Are your relationships stronger or weaker? What’s the trend for relationships, for opportunities? Where do you stand with this Buyer for new and for continuing business…right now?

You could know all that if you had our innovative, game-changing CRV Score. The CRV Score is a Key Performance Indicator that shows where to focus for more profit: What is needed to increase success? Is a relationship at risk? Are costs are out of line?

Our CRV Score is the numeric representation of the health and strength of the relationships critical to your business with the customer. Our CRV Score interprets the data from underlying Interactions in the relationship development process. 

Drill downs from the CRV Score get at root causes, so you can act before it’s too late to save an important relationship. If you’re relying on scores that are not based on real-time operational data tied to an individual contact and what they DO, how useful and how actionable is your information?

The CRV Score is based on our patented, leading indicator metric, Relationship Value (RV). RV measures the effect of Interactions in developing or destroying a relationship, and is a numeric proxy for all those individual Interactions.

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In future blog posts, we’ll talk more about our approach to BIG Data and about our Operational CRI (Customer Relationship Intelligence) System and its CRI Engine, where the CRV Score is calculated in real time. Our CRI Engine, with open APIs, is built on leading edge open source cloud architecture. We’re happy to share more with early adopters and innovation partners. Be In Touch.


Customer Experience Wisdom: Relationship strength or weakness is a measure of the accumulated experiences, good or bad.

Questions: Are you ready to change your game? Want and need to know, right now, whether your relationships are getting stronger or weaker? Then, Be In Touch.