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triangle1 We collaborate with your in-house team to map and track the customer experience.

triangle1 Together, we tap B2B relationship power and create a process that captures

      all relevant relationship interactions.

triangle1 We help you predict and develop long lasting, mutually-rewarding customer relationships.


Together we answer the tough questions…

to get results for you.

  • Why do top priority customers buy, stay, or leave?
  • Who are your most profitable customers and why?
  • What strategy is more likely to be profitable in execution?
  • How do you create value for your customers?
  • Does everyone know what to do when things go right or things go wrong with customers?
  • What are your customers experiences like?
  • How can you strengthen and deepen customer relationships?
  • How can you predict which ones will be stronger and longer relationships?
  • Which customer relationships are at risk?
  • Who’s in charge of retention? Anyone?
  • How can you make being customer-focused everyone’s job?
  • How well aligned are you for success?



Together we map the Customer Experience with a

Value Creation Map (VCM). Your results can

Plan and launch a process to

  • Align your teams—horizontally and vertically—to deliver what you promise.
  • Map the potential customer experience.
  • Anticipate what you will DO and what the customer will DO in the give and take of interactions as company and customer processes interweave and overlap.
  • Balance the value provided to the customer and the value received for the cost expended by the company and the price paid by the customer.
  • Identify where to improve profit while at the same time improving on what customers value.

Improve a process to:

  • Show how you can cut costs without negatively impacting what customers value.
  • Identify where to improve profit while at the same time improving the customer experience.
  • Provide insight into how your organization is aligned to work together (or against one another) to create value for customers.
  • Detail how important processes work and identify ones that need to be fixed or ones that are missing.
  • Raise the questions of what you may be able to get rid of or stop doing.
  • Point to areas where you may be able to build in additional value for additional gains for the customer and the company.


Together we track the Customer Experience…

for results based on real-time operational data.

Real-Time Operational Control for Frontline Staff & Managers:

  • What is happening right now with customers? At what cost? For what effect?
  • How does the customer experience compare to previous successful patterns?
  • What is best to do next to develop the customer relationship?
  • What is the most profitable action to take?
  • How well is this strategy working in real time?

Strategic Operational Control for Executives. Patterns based on Real-Time Operational Data and Real-Time Profit:

  • Where are you making more money?
  • Are you growing high-value customers?
  • Are your communities making a difference?
  • How well are you driving both profit and satisfaction?
  • How can you achieve sustainable competitive advantage?
  • How can you repeat success?
  • Where should you focus next?


Your payoff?

Actionable intelligence about customer relationships.

  • Develop mutually profitable relationships with your customers.
  • Predict stronger, longer customer relationships.
  • Align strategically for a sustainable customer-focused enterprise.

Proven Innovative Team

Innovation is part of our DNA. Methods our team has pioneered over the last couple of decades are now recognized as critically important today in valuing intangibles and bringing a customer focus to marketing, operations, and finance. Some key ones:

  • Listening to customers with in-depth, one-on-one Voice of the Customer research so that our clients make winning promises to their customers and successfully deliver on those promises.
  • Segmenting customers for profitability and developing business rules for profitable, differentiated service delivery with our profit matrix.
  • Mapping how value is created for customers and aligning organizations to deliver it profitably.

We’re not resting on our laurels. We’ve built on these proven methods we pioneered and others for Customer Relationship Intelligence in our CRI Framework. In the framework, we have built a body of knowledge to help companies take the next steps–and the ones after that–on the path to profiting from a customer focus.


Want to discuss an issue you’re facing,

or learn more about how we can help…

Contact our CEO Linda Sharp directly.

Or include your team to gain faster buy-in, contact her to schedule a speaking engagement, a webinar, a workshop or an executive briefing.

Here are some pertinent topics:


Executive Briefings and Workshops

  • Vision: For a Sustainable Customer-Focused Enterprise
  • Value Creation: Map and Track the Customer Experience
  • Relationship: The Foundation of Value
  • Start with Retention: The MONEY Is in Retention
  • Measure What Matters with CRI: for Real-Time Management/Operational Control/ Profit
  • The Missing Metric: Relationship Value Breakthrough
  • Measure Strategy Execution with CRI: to Compete on Relationships
  • Stakeholder Communities: A New Source of POWER and Innovation
  • CRI (Customer Relationship Intelligence): Customer Fundamentals to Thrive Anytime
  • Tap into B2B Relationship Power: Don’t Waste this Precious, Sustainable Resource