Answer these 7 critical business questions. Change your game!

Are your B2B relationships getting stronger or weaker? You really need to know!

If you’re relying on scores that are not based on real-time operational data tied to an individual contact and what they actually DO, how useful and how actionable is your information? How predictive?

With our Customer Relationship Value (CRV) Score, you could answer these 7 critical business questions… predictively in real time. And change your game.

Predict Acquisition Opportunities:

  1. Will you make this sale?
  2. Is this sale worth making? How does this prospect compare to profitable customers?

Predict Customer Success Opportunities:

3. Will you keep this business?

4. Is this customer worth keeping? Yes or No? What’s the trend line?  Any action needed?

Predict Account Viability:

5. Should you focus on this Account? For more profit? To repeat success? To reduce risk?

6. Which executives need attention? Who’s driving this account?

Predict Longer, Stronger Relationships:

7. How can you be more profitable? And cut your losses and your risk earlier?


Our Customer Relationship Value Thought Leadership

“Differentiate on relationships. Products and services are commodities. A sustainable customer-focused enterprise has to do more than meet or exceed customer expectations with its products and services. It must also develop and maintain strong relationships with profitable customers. Relationships are unique. Products and services are just commodities—until combined with profitable relationships. Profitable customers behave differently. They want a relationship. They buy value.” …to quote our highly-ranked Management Innovation eXchange HACK: A Vision for a Sustainable Customer-Focused Enterprise by Religence’s Linda Sharp and Raymond Sheen.


Validation for Need to Differentiate on Relationships

Two conferences in Silicon Valley in the last month illustrated the importance of relationships—the Women in Tech Festival put on by the SV Forum and the InsurTech Silicon Valley Summit on Core Systems and InsurTech Fusion hosted by the Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator (SVIA).

In both events, presenter after presenter showed the latest, greatest product enabled by technology to meet the demands of a real-time, customer-centric world. Many touted how easy it is to assemble a set of modules and be in business. Easy for them AND easy for their competitors–to have the same products and services.

You should have seen the faces of the insurance executives when they saw what Lemonade had done to their product value proposition. It was clear that they MUST have the latest, greatest product to be in the game, but that the only real differentiation they have is their relationships with their customers.

Back to our HACK: “What has been missing is the ability to proactively manage that relationship. As Peter Drucker famously said, “You cannot manage what you cannot measure.” To manage relationships, you must measure relationship development. A key relationship development metric has been missing until now. We call it Relationship Value.”

Now we’ve taken our patented, leading indicator metric Relationship Value (RV) and based our Customer Relationship Value (CRV) Score, a Key Performance Indicator (KPI), on it. RV measures the effects of Interactions in developing or destroying a relationship and is a numeric proxy for all those individual Interactions.

Our game-changing CRV Score then interprets the data from the Interactions in the underlying relationship development process. Drill downs from the CRV Score get at root causes, so you can act before it’s too late to save an important relationship.


Customer Experience Wisdom: Are your B2B relationships getting stronger or weaker? You really need to know!

Questions: Do you know where to focus for more profit? What is needed to increase success? Is a relationship at risk? Are costs out of line? What do you really know about your relationships? Can you act on what you know? Right now?

Are you a visionary leader, an early adopter, or a potential innovation partner who wants to know the score that matters for competitive advantage? To compete on what the customer actually experiences? Then, Be In Touch.