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Consider a critical sales channel / product group combination in your company–perhaps the most profitable, the fastest growing, or the combination most in trouble. Ask yourself:

External Factors—Ones You Cannot Directly Control

#1 Opportunity: Is the market situation attractive?

#2 Market Swings: Are you moving with the market?

#3 Must Haves: Do you meet the threshold requirements to have a viable offering?

#4 Momentum: Are you already active in the marketplace?

#5 Buzz: Is a positive story being told about you and/or your offering?

#6 Difficulty: Is it easy to get people to listen to what you have to offer?

Internal Factors—Ones You Can Directly Control

#1 Customer Relationships: Do relationships matter in executing your strategy?

#2 Brand Promise: Is it easy for customers to see why they should care?

#3 Product/Service Delivery: Do you deliver what you promise?

#4 Product/Service Performance: Does your offering perform as promised?

#5 Interpersonal Interactions: Do you generally treat people well?

#6 Resources: Are you resourced to create lasting value for customers?

#7 Synergy: Is there cross-functional alignment and collaboration?

#8 Management: Do you drive the development of profitable customer relationships?

#9 Customer Experience: Is anyone in charge?

If you answered “yes” to all or most of the questions for a critical channel and product group combination, congratulations! You pass! You’re well aligned. If not, you need a reality check.

Customer Experience Wisdom: Responsibility for what the customer experiences is everyone’s job.


Are you where you’d like to be in a sales channel/product group combination or elsewhere?

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